Comedy Science Fiction Releases in Mad Scientist Journal

Please enjoy these current and upcoming humorous science fiction shorts: in Mad Scientist Journal:

“Weapons Grade Puppies for Sale” and “Second Hand Destruction” are now available in the Spring 2016 release. You can find the eBook version on Amazon here. Or, subscribe to Mad Scientist Journal directly.

“Letter of Recommendation for Minion Balrog” will be released in the Autumn 2016 issue. Sale, home of Red Jack Thorn (New Realms Vol 4 No 5), is having a sale! Use the following code to get half off your purchases:


There is a variety of fiction available on the site in addition to science fiction and fantasy. Please spread the word to any fiction readers you know.

New and Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Releases:

Red Jack Thorn will be published in New Realms Magazine in March 2016. A young bounty hunter gambles his life to turn in a narcissistic lycanthrope alive so he can rise above his father’s ruthless reputation in this action packed western fantasy short story.

Weapons Grade Puppies for Sale and Second Hand Destruction will be published in Mad Scientist Journal in June 2016. H.K. Ludwig is selling everything from custom-order minions to android girlfriend vending machines in these comedic scifi flash fiction pieces.

Letter of Recommendation for Minion Balrog will be published in Mad Scientist Journal in December 2016. H.K. Ludwig doesn’t let world domination impede his sense of professionalism as he recommends a loyal minion in this work of humorous scifi flash fiction.